Hello there.

This is my blog, welcome. I am not an experienced blogger nor will be – I am just writing some thingies for fun and for friends to read while I am spending my time out of the office.


I am soon 37 years and originally from the North of Finland, but I have lived over 12 years abroad now mainly in Sweden and shorter periods in France, Spain and Australia. I decided to take a well deserved break from the business side of life in 2008 and changed big city lights to experience a life on the country. Someone might call it slow life. That is when I started this blog – and where the name Millatravels comes from.

My favourite home has been in Chamonix where I used to ski, bike, hike and learn some French during two seasons (2009, 2010) and as summer arrived we returned back home to the north and became islanders instead. We live as much as we can on an island, about 50 kilometers from Helsinki, away from the crowds and rush hours, enjoying nature as its best (and worst) and living by its rules, not ours. Sometimes we get to enjoy a breakfast on a boat on the way to work. And that is not a bad way to start a day.

I have spent nearly 5 years promoting and branding Finland in Sweden, working as Marketing Manager for the Finnish Tourist Board in Stockholm from 2002. Years 2007-08 I spent within marketing and pr in the world of IT and design industries. I have sat on an Aeron, met lots of creative people and arranged and attended in exciting events and phenomenons like Pecha Kucha, Future Design Days, TEDx, Stockholm Design Week etc. After(ski) a short period at Visit Sweden in Stockholm head office in 2010, I have been bringing tourism and design into one, working for a unique and once in a lifetime project, World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 for 21 intensive months. Those months included mostly fun, some travel, lots of hard work and making memories for a long time.

Today, I write occasionally about food, travel, trends and urban development at Pop-Up City and Life Style News Global.
I attend in seminars and networks within the travel, food, design and other creative industries. Lately, I have been collaborating in the New Nordic Food network by talking about food and the creative industries as well as culinary tourism together with other top Nordic projects, people, events, organisations and destinations promoting tourism and the New Nordic kitchen. Additionally, I belong to a large network of food entusiasts and specialists who all contribute to Helsinki food culture strategy on a newly established website helsinkifoodism.com.

If you wish to get in contact with me, please just pop a mail: millatravels@gmail.com


2 thoughts on “about

  1. Hi Milla,
    I would very much like to get in touch with you. I am the CEO of a Nordic Travel / Marketing / PR Agency with 16 employees. http://www.related.dk – We have many clients within the tourism sector and we are looking to strengthen our engagement in Finland and in some part also Sweden. And I just stubble upon your blog here 🙂 And seen your LinkedIn profil. So just want to see were you are in life 🙂

    Henrik Koch

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