Shades of gray

Autumn is kind of sneaking in, though we’ve had some amazing warm and sunny days.

Been trying to settle in living in the city, carrying things back up in packages from the cellar and ordering some new kitchen furniture. It’ll be mysigt. The house in Finland is getting ready, bit by bit, (still) waiting for the kitchen delivery. We’ll be heading out to the island for the w-e. Besides trying to figure out what to do this winter, I’ve been busy with jobhunt.

In the meantime I’ve been trying to work out by jogging in Djurgården with the cows (feeling very homey indeed)… and trying to get used to big malls, suits and latest fashion running in the city. I’m just so not used to queus or crowds – other than early mornings by the lift stations! Also been out on a few road(day)trips to breath some fresh air by the islands and sea. Went for a little hike in Torö, and just as I got there, it started pouring rain… On my way I stopped by at the local super market (size of a football field) in Nynäshamn and there was – 3 – THREE – customers! I was feeling oh so Swedish as I found this Kalas blåbärssoppa and had to bought it for lunch avec croissants (call it cross kitchen). Then I was all zen alone on the beach watching clowds passing by and picking some beautiful round stones to bring back home 🙂

Will put together a little video of the past amazing 22 months as my free days are running short. It has been so much joy. But mostly it’s been learning, about life, cultures, places and myself, plus meeting new wonderful people, who all have made this time absolutely priceless. And most thanks to Jari, who has been with me for all those foggy, wet, rainy days in our little island cabin or on top of a clowdy mountain, when we both have seen and shared more than just the shades of gray…