au revoir Chamonix – hejsan Stockholm

Jasså. Just det. Vadå?

Ohlalaa. 4,5 months of powder, sun, friends, good times, snowflakes, pastis, soul food, whiteouts, croissants, mountains, apres-ski and endless happiness has come to an end. Last sunday I packed once again, this time to return home to Stockholm.

Feels overwhelming to try to find words to describe the last months, which have been just so totally beyound perfect. I had good intentions to post stories more often that I eventually did. Guess time is considered luxury even when enjoying the power of time off…

This season we did a lot more skiing in the Italian side of Courmayeur, a lot less randos than planned (since the snow conditions) and simply just a lot of powderdays in general. Last year we were in CHX until 9th May, this year ended about 2 weeks earlier (but we got started about 2 months earlier :-D) All in all, I ended up spending around 80 days on skis. Kikus, I mean. They’re not skis, they’re like drivin’ Fiat500 from the back seat…

Oh, well, all good things come to an end. Though have dreamed of skiing for a week now. Guess it got under my skin. The feeling of a great day out. The smooth powder. The endless views. The sun. The snow. The mountains. The valleys. The wind blowing on your face at 20 m/s. The frosty toes. The whiteout. The crusty pack. The everything. All of it. You know what I mean. And it just feels soooo goooood! And I miss it sooooo much!

A time jump from mountains, snow and slowlife, I went for a sunday walk in a buzzing, big city today. Felt 101% tourist in my hometown. Captured some spring moments in pics – enjoy.


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