Let it snow

Since we arrived in December it has been snowing almost EVERY day. We have been skiing fresh powder on a daily basis, which is nice. In addition to perfect snow conditions it has been perfectly COLD.
Yesterday morning temperature dropped to -15 in Les Tines. I’m glad I have my bootwarmers. Can’t live without them.

The snow cover has thickened as well on the glaciers, which allows some fantastic skiing, but unfortunately does not stop the accidents. Last week a snowboarder fell down fatal 20 meters to a crevasse on a popular tourist route at Vallee Blanche. Downtown just by our place before the ascent to Le Lavancher authorities are stopping traffic and checking on proper winter equipment. This is a typical scene in front of our house on snowy days – socks on, socks off…

Christmas went by as did New Year’s. We enjoyed some powder days in Courmayeur, where it dumped for three days while it rained in CHX. Back home the house was full of sweet kids and merry adults, flying helicopters, spidermans, dinosauruses and even Santa came by. Hedda spent nearly two weeks skiing with us liking it a lot. She is coming again for a week soon. It will be fun!

After Hedda left, we went on a first tour to Trient with Björn and Heidi. The latter part was like walk in a park…

I have been testing a new pair of fat skis. They are like a smooth operator in deep snow (and, oh, did I mention there has been a lot of it)!


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