winter wonderland

Bonjour a tous,

New home, new mailbox, new helmet, new poles and a new season ahead!
After sitting tight and eating fastfood in a car for the past 3 days we are finally at our new home in France.
Temperature -13 celcius and heavy snowfall 🙂

I lost my phone on the way and we forgot to pack the poles, but otherwise life is good. We did some additional shoppin yesterday and picked the season passes at Montevers station. The house feels like a castle: after living 7 months in 25 squaremeters (and driving home by boat), suddenly we have wifi, 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, and a garage! I am especially happy about the wifi because now I can post more stuff more often. Here are some hazy moods from this morning. You just got to love it, don’t you?