Room with a view

I fall in sleep under the stars listening to the waves lapping on cliffs on the shore.
I wake up in steady hammering and noice of a chain saw. 
Another ordinary working day on our island has just begun 🙂


This is it – room with a view – directly from our new living room/dining area!

Operation Villa Bergudd started about 4 months ago. We have been digging dirt, hunting old barns, sketching kitchens and bathtubs, picking lighting, designing floors, mixing concrete formulas and occationally banging heads on the walls… Finally the fussy mass of bricks and wood is starting to remind of a house. We have a ceiling. We have walls. We have (some) windows and sliding doors. Soon we’ll have a floor! Well, at least one layer of it.


Next week we should be one step ahead with the kitchen plans, concrete work and le plus le grande terrace! Hip hip hurray!