rising highs

wenttoheavenSnow angel on top of Aiguille du Mort at 2 780m 😀


Lately we have been watching the snow limit reaching a higher ground. Evenings are getting longer and mornings get started by some happy chaps singing their spring songs. Feels like a whole lotta birdies on our back yard… Temperature has reached +22 the warmest day though the official season in Chamonix ends 10th of May.

I have been lazy on writing so I thought to entertain you with a video clip (start of my career within the film industry… erm) which hopefully tells you more than words 😉

Here also a few pixies.


Climbing up the last 25 meters to Aiguille du Mort.



First climb to Aiguille Crochues 2 716m. 


Aiguille Crochues seen from Aiguille du Mort 1,5 hours later…