freeride weekend in verbier




We packed our car on Friday and drove 75km to Verbier to Switzerland. The main street had changed into Nissan Xtreme freeride circus – with hot dancers in plastic balls and all… We spotted “Le Pub” and tons of chatting Finnish people on the sunny terrace. It was like a little cousy colony in the middle of it all. We mixed in, met some old friends and made some new.

We slept on Tankki’s sofa for 2 short nights. Saturday was not much of skiing, just chilling. On Sunday we managed to get up to Col des Gentianes and watch the last freeriders at Bec des Rosses. After the competition we did some very good curves including a tour on top of Mont-Fort (3 330m). For the grande finale we climbed about 100 meters from top of Attelas for a cruise through a couloir, an avalanche and some woods and landed through a shortcut directly to Le Pub for some beers, what else 😀

Spot the rider.


It has been sunny for the past 10 days, nothing to complain. Yesterday it snowed again and I took a hike at the Bossons glacier. I climbed up in my thick HH jacket to 1 425 meters at the refuge and wondered what is going on with the climate control. My own climate was some what tropical at that point 😉 But so are the Alps: at the viewing point all there is left is a huge gravel pit where the ice used to stand in it’s endless glory. Now the lowest ice cubes lie above 1 500m. I got curious what is the Tourist Board of Chamonix is doing about making the valley greener. For those who are interested there is more to read about integrated tourism for instance at or Let’s keep up the good work and carry along the beer cans and picnic left overs from our own tours to start with. One thing going on in the valley is car sharing but what I’ve seen so far is just plenty of hitchhikers. Don’t know if that is good or bad..

In the meanwhile, enjoy the spring sun peeping through the clouds.


My turn. 


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