avalanches, alpine touring & afterski

Hello from the snow.

We have had a week of avalanches, alpine touring and afterski. In other words never a boring moment. I’m having a day off so I am sitting at the office for a change 😉

Hans from Norge made a vitesse visit on his way to Spain. We rocked at Chambre Neuf one night. Later same night we also tried to order other than French wine at Le Monchu which was definetely a no-brainer. The next day was a day devoted for pepsi, pizza and DVDs. And not so much for the multitasking.

I got to try that part on a tour to La Poya with skis and skins on starting from Flégère one sunny morning. We took 3 lifts up as high as we could get and then started swetting with human muscle power uphill for about 400 meters (peanuts ;-)). We passed the top at Grande Floria and slided down to the valley on the backside. Then we continued upwards to the Aiguilles Rouges (the red tops) for a picnic with a superb scenery over the endless, white chain of mountains and valleys. The tour ended at a tiny bar/lunch place at La Poya and a few cooooold beers, aaaahhhh!!! We took the train back to Les Praz but had no money as we had spent all on our drinks.. Anyway it was a trip well done.

In the beginning of this week we got tons of new snow which is now melting away in the sun. Weather report is all about oh happy days until Tuesday next week. It’s amazing what a wonder the spring sun makes. Yesterday we had Christmas and today is Easter – luckily it is still cold at nights.
The Grand Blanc sunbathing.


Last Saturday we had the joy of attending a serious course on avalanche awareness – digging wholes in the snow and going round in circles after a beeping tone. I felt almost like Einstein. Later the same day we were heading for a couloir on the southwest facing slopes of Le Tour with our guide. We were sliding along like five little elephants following Mr. Blizzard (nous guide des alpes). Suddenly on the upper part of that couloir the snow ground cracked litterally under our feet and slided down the ravine about 150 meters (that felt more like 150 000 meters to me). We were standing on the edge on some vage heather sticking out from the slope just like the last life buoy thrown at us… So we took off the skis and kindly climbed back not saying too many words. Then it was time to dig some more. 

Yesterday I made a touristy-tour up to Aiguille du Midi. The upper station was covered in snow and ice and looked all mighty-whity down from our terrace. It was a freezy -15 on top excluding the wind factor. Which any of you can count in a sec. I sure was one big a smiley to see the mountains again after we’ve been floating in Gin & Tonic for the past 3 days 😀

Hopefully I’ll get wired with the Olympus soon so you’ll get more cover on the storytelling. Until next post!


Aiguille du Midi. Altitude 3 842 m. Latitude priceless 🙂



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