the sunny side up

Bonjour a tous.

I am playing on snow & sun for a change.
A week behind with some fantabulous off-piste skiing (apres as well, but just a little) as we got some inches of new white layer of snowy-powey. We got a good guide on top (Magnus) so even I had the chance of hitting off my first powder-blast ever. And I kind of liked it 🙂

Just wanted to drop a short line – more updates to follow.
Weather report says sunny…you can come anytime you like 😉

The best photographer on Nissan Outdoor Games 2009, Christoffer Sjöström.n18581602794_1439173_9356-11


This is bananas.

Finally, I am ready, set & go!

What a nice thing to start blogging on a Valentine’s Day. Feels like a hole-in-one. I’ve been about to start doing this since I quit working in early November 2008, but – believe it or not – I have been so busy that had time to make it happen until now. But, oh, what a feeling, I’m dancing on a ceiling. One of the great joys of being OFF. You will be hearing a lot more of me. That is a promise. Like it or not 😉

So see you soon.